Tax and Carriage Charges...



Prices given are for one box of pupae, which will usually hold up to 80 or 90 pupae, unless the larger species - like Attacus atlas or Caligo eurilochus, for instance - are included. Boxes are made of polystyrene and wrapped in card (for shipment by courier, only); the pupae are further protected from transit impact damage and mild temperature fluctuation by being wrapped in cotton wool).


Royal Mail

Royal Mail guaranteed next day delivery is used by default for traceability and reliability, charged at cost (~£8.00 + VAT for up to about 120 pupae).
Larger shipments we prefer to use DHL - £10.0 + VAT for up to 300 pupae.



As standard practise, London Pupae Supplies sends shipments by courier - usually DHL or TNT for European shipments.

USA or Canada:


Shipments at present must be sent by FedEx due to customs requirements; shipping costs are $50.00 and transit time is ordinarily 2 days. Shipments are made inFedEX boxes which will hold up to 4 of our own polystyrene containers.
Shipments to Canada are similar but use FedEx (one FedEx box will also hold 4 of ours) and cost CAD$60.00

Rest of the World:


Other regions in the world are served by TNT, FedEx or DHL, on the whole - the specific courier chosen will depend on the country chosen and with a short transit time being deemed more relevant than the cost.

An idea of courier prices is outlined below - the prices quoted are approximate for 1 (one) box of pupae (~0.5kg) shipped by DHL, unless otherwise stated and are subject to change without notice (prices are likely to vary due to frequent changes in fuel surcharges). Please note that DHL charges extra (~£16) for some destinations, depending on the postcode, which they class as "remote areas".

   Austria €22.00   Sweden £21.00
  Belgium €20.00      
  Denmark £20.00      
  Finland €28.00   Switzerland £35.00
  France €25.00      
  Germany €20.00   Russia £37.00
  Ireland €20.00      
  Italy €28.00   Turkey €44.50
  Netherlands €18.00      
  Norway £24.00   USA $60.00
  Portugal €35.00      
  Spain €35.00   The Caribbean (FedEx) £75.00


For UK customers: VAT is charged at the prevailing rate (currently 20%)

European Union customers: Under EU regulations we are required by law to charge VAT at 20% of total value of all goods supplied to any EU customers UNLESS you are able to supply us with your VAT registration number which is current and valid at the delivery address.

Other customers: VAT is not charged.