Sustainability in Thailand


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Potting PlantsSituated some 30 kilometres northeast of Chaingmai in northern Cleaning CagesThailand, on the edge of the forest/jungle, we have a 15 acre farm that concentrates on breeding local "commom" species of butterflies and moths, such as Papilio polytes, Papilio memnon and the atlas moth. We do not breed, or attempt to breed any rare or endangered species.

The farm has been established over 20 years, and currently employs 17 people on a full-time basis, thereby supporting some 15 families. It is fully licensed by the Thai Royal Forestry Department to produce a range of some 40 species of butterflies and moths and is regularly inspected by the authorities.

In the Pupae RoomWe only very rarely take butterflies from the wild to stock our farm Netting the Treesandinject fresh genetic material; the vast majority of our production comes from lines of livestock that have been captive bred for very many years (captive breeding is a requirement of most exporting countries so that natural stocks are not depleted).

The breeding programme: The "parent" butterflies are kept in very large netting enclosures, where there are provided with the right environment for that particular species. Some butterflies prefer light sunny cages while otheCethosia Cyane Caterpillarrs prefer much more shaded jungle-like environments. We provide plenty of flowering plants to produce the nectar of which the adult butterflies live and also the species specific host plant for the female butterfly to lay her eggs on.Packing Pupae

Twice a day, the newly laid butterfly eggs are collected and stored in special plastic containers. After about five days the baby caterpillars emerge from the eggs and start to feed on the host plant leaves. At this point we transfer the baby caterpillars to special cages in the nursery area, where they are given a fresh leaves every day.

After approximately 21 days the then adult caterpillars crawl to a corner of the cage and shed their final skin to become a chrysalis - ready to merge into and adult butterfly in approximately three weeks time.


Hanging Pupae Attacus Atlas Caterpillar Cethosia Cyane Caterpillars Atlas Caterpillars