London Pupae Supplies Catalogue, 2021.

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The data illustrates the range of species we may expect to see through the course of the season. Please note that the "Availability" column is an indicator only - it does not reflect actual availability as prediction of such is impossible due to the very nature of the business.


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Note that as well as individual specific orders, we also offer two great mixes of pupae:

GDMix - GLOBAL DELUXE MIX - £2.60 per pupa.
This mix is drawn from all our breeding sources and may include some of the more expensive pupae such as Morphos and Caligos as well as a variety of Papilios and other species.
Terrific value for money!

GSMix - GLOBAL STANDARD - £1.25 per pupa
This mix comprises species mainly sourced from our own breeding farms, which allows us to offer them at a very competitive price. Species like Idea leuconoe, Papilio polytes, memnon, rumanzovia, hypolimnas bolina and many others.