We have three laminated posters available for identifying a large number of butterflies and pupae - size 560 mm X 710 mm. There is one each for Africa, Neotropical and Asia regions (click on the images for larger pcitures)..

Africa Asia Neotropical

Sold out - we will update here when available

Useful Books...

A well illustrated book that contains all you will need to know to entice butterflies into your garden in any temperate region!

"How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden" by John and Maureen Tampion,
published 2003.

PRICE: £17.99, inc VAT and postage (€33.00 for EU Europe, US/Canada US$45.00, others - price on application)

ISBN: 18610 82975; Published by guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd


If you cannot find a copy of any of the above books, and wish us to send one, either fax us a credit card number (+44 (0) 1865 873055; VISA, Mastercard or Switch - please remember expiry date and issue number (where applicable) or send a cheque (drawn on a UK bank) for the listed price.

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Beautiful Books...

London Pupae Supplies provided butterflies for the exceptional photographer Stéphane Hette, who has produced an amazing art book of butterflies, "Les Ailes du Désirs". There is a preface by Paul Starosta (photographer of this book with Jean-Pierre Vesco). The book measures 30cm x 30cm and has 160 pages in full colour, with about 200 photographs and is in English and French.

Price is 39 (or 79 for a signed copy, limited to 100 editions). Postage is extra and depends on the country but is around 14-17 in Europe. Also available at AMAZON now!

For further details see here:      French     English

Low resolution images from the book:

Limited and Standard Versions
Preface by Paul Starosta